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Join the WE’RE EQUAL campaign and be a business of choice for customers and employees.

Research shows that businesses that actively support diversity and inclusion have loyal customers willing to support and champion them, have better staff productivity and retention, and achieve a higher standard of service delivery.

The WE’RE EQUAL campaign helps businesses show that they have made a commitment to zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

We are currently running a campaign pilot with a small group of participants.

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What is the Statement of Commitment?

Image sample of the Statement of Commitment made by We're Equal businesses

Every workplace is different. To help you achieve your outcomes, Equal Opportunity SA has partnered with South Australian training providers to support you to implement initiatives, training or workshops on site at your workplace.

Find out more on our Training page.

We have collated resources to help you improve equality in your business. We will be adding more in coming weeks. Please check back regularly:

Not tolerating discrimination, bullying and harassment in your business is an important part of your commitment to WE'RE EQUAL.

If someone is being discriminated against or harassed on your premises, there are some easy things you and your staff can do to help, because staying silent says that the behaviour is ok.

Assess the situation

Is it safe for you to intervene?
Are there people around who could be allies to help?
Make eye contact with people around you to gain their support.


Approach the victim with a reason for them to leave – tell them they need to take a call, or that you need to tell them something – anything to get them away safely.

Say something

Talk calmly.
Tell the person picking on the victim that’s it’s not ok.
Ask the victim if they need help.
Do this as a group if you can.


Wait until the situation has calmed down and ask the victim if they are ok or need help.


Call Security if you’re at a venue, or report the event to HR or a manager if you’re at work.
Stay objective and provide as much detail as possible.

If things turn violent or abusive

Don't put yourself at risk by intervening in violence – call the police on triple zero (000)