Complaint letter templates

We have developed editable documents to assist you in writing your own letter of complaint.

The letters:

  • are formal in nature
  • are written directly to the business where you allege discrimination or sexual harassment occurred
  • seek a formal response from the other party.
  • include sections for you to complete before sending it by email or post.

A letter of complaint is a good way to formalise your concerns and provide the other party with an opportunity to remedy them.

You can always make a formal complaint with us if the matter is not resolved.

TIP- printing to PDF is an easy way to save your final version of the letter

Discrimination complaint letter template
(PDF, 829.7 KB)

Sexual harassment complaint letter template
(PDF, 802.5 KB)

Online reporting tools

Use our online forms to send an email alert to a business about discrimination you experienced whilst at its premises. This could be an accessibility issue or other form of discriminatory behaviour.

You can remain anonymous.

TIP - before commencing a form, have the email address of the business handy