The Disability Access Reporting Tool (DART) is an online form that people with disability can use if they have difficulty with access at a venue. The form is easy to fill out, and can be anonymous.

It sends an email directly to owners or operators, and reminds them of their obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act.


We’ve developed a communications toolkit to help organisations raise awareness of DART.

DART Communications Toolkit (DOCX, 57.2 KB)

DART flyer (PDF, 374.3 KB)

Available graphics

Use these social media graphics to help promote DART. There’s suggested wording in the communications toolkit above.

DART Facebook 01 (JPG, 171.8 KB)

DART Facebook 02 (JPG, 189.1 KB)

DART Facebook 03 (JPG, 212.1 KB)

DART Facebook 04 (JPG, 212.5 KB)

DART Instagram 01 (JPG, 253.9 KB)

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DART Twitter 01 (JPG, 184.0 KB)

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