Many students will encounter bullying during their time at school. They might be bullied, bully someone else or know someone who has been bullied.

Useful information about what school bullying is and how to deal with it is found at:

For online bullying, you can find more information and advice at

Bullying of one student by another at school or online is not covered by discrimination laws.

If a student is bullied by a teacher because of the student's race, disability, sexual orientation, intersex status, or other characteristic covered by discrimination law, or is sexually harassed, it is covered under equal opportunity law.

If the school doesn’t solve the problem through their own processes, a complaint can be made to the Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity.

If you are being bullied at school, start by talking to a parent or guardian or to a school counsellor or staff member you trust.

All schools should have procedures for dealing with bullying.

If you are at a state school, the Department for Education's bullying policy applies.