Equal opportunity means giving everybody a fair go.

Our office takes enquiries, handles complaints and provides training about discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation.

Our service will be prompt, respectful, fair and accessible to all.

When answering your enquiries we will

  • treat you with dignity and respect
  • be helpful and courteous
  • be clear and accurate
  • help you understand how our process works.

When handling complaints of discrimination we will

  • be impartial and fair to everyone involved
  • keep you informed about the status of a complaint
  • make sure the complaint progresses in a timely manner
  • work with you to produce effective outcomes that everyone agrees to.

Our training will be

  • value for money, expert and up-to-the-minute
  • useful, informative and tailored specifically to your needs.


We welcome your feedback.

You can provide your feedback via: