Training and education programs provide participants with information about creating an equitable workplace free of potential discrimination, bullying harassment and victimisation.

Training programs

Every workplace is different. To help you achieve your outcomes, we have partnered with South Australian training providers to support you to implement initiatives, training or workshops on site at your workplace.

Our training partners offer programs on:

So you've been appointed as your workplace equal opportunity contact person - now what?

This workshop will help clarify what is expected of you and how to approach trickier situations.

You will learn about:

  • the types of behaviour and grievances people will bring to you
  • how to be clear about your role - the expectations and limitations
  • applying these skills to hypothetical scenarios.

The contact person refresher workshop is designed to provide existing contact persons with an opportunity to get together and brush up on some of the essential skills and knowledge they need to perform their role.

The aims of the workshop are to:

  • revisit the role of the contact person
  • practice the skills required using relevant case scenarios
  • address any concerns or dilemmas faced by participants in their role as contact person.

This workshop is designed to help people identify inappropriate behaviour, deal with it quickly and effectively, while treating all staff fairly to ensure ongoing healthy working relationships.

The aims of the workshop are to learn about:

  • what workplace conflict, bullying, discrimination and harassment look like and how they affect working relationships
  • the risks that inappropriate behaviour poses to workplaces, individuals and working relationships
  • practical ways that inappropriate behaviour can be both prevented and handled.

This workshop will give managers and supervisors the confidence and tools to intervene early in workplace disputes, avoiding ongoing conflict.

The aims of the workshop are to learn about:

  • the line between inappropriate and appropriate workplace behaviour
  • risk management and the importance of early intervention
  • bringing people together to resolve conflict.

Other training

We can also organise training for more specific needs, including courses covering:

  • bystander awareness
  • unconscious bias
  • diversity and inclusion in leadership
  • sexual harassment in the workplace.

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