Equal customers

The businesses participating in the WE’RE EQUAL campaign have made a commitment to you and their workers: when you’re in a WE’RE EQUAL venue you’re in a safe space free from discrimination, bullying and harassment, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect.

Being a respectful customer is also an important part of the venue being a safe place for everyone.

Respectful customers

As a customer you have a role in being respectful to the workers who look after you, and to treat other customers respectfully.

This means being patient and thoughtful about the way you behave in that business, and to be mindful about how you speak and what you say to others.

We have all been through difficult times over the last few years, and each of us feels the challenges and stress of that differently.

Useful tips

Click below to read our useful tips for being a respectful customer

  • Be polite (also with your tone and body language) – apologise if you aren’t
  • Look for a queue or numbering system – join the end
  • If you need to jump or break through a queue for an important reason, ask permission
  • If service is slow, try to be patient – staff shortages are everywhere
  • Make sure you’re not blocking access for other customers – keep access clear of bags, coats, walkers, prams and pushers, bikes, scooters, skateboards etc.

  • Take a deep slow breath.
  • Pause to consider how the interaction can be improved.
  • Drop your voice and let your body ‘stand down’.
  • Focus on finding a mutual solution.

Stand up and speak up against discrimination and harassment, because staying silent says that the behaviour is ok.

If you see a problem situation there are things you can do to help.

Assess the situation

Is it safe for you to intervene?
Are there people around who could be allies to help?
Make eye contact with people around you to gain their support.


Approach the victim with a reason for them to leave – tell them they need to take a call, or that you need to tell them something – anything to get them away safely.

Say something

Talk calmly.
Tell the person picking on the victim that’s it’s not ok.
Ask the victim if they need help.
Do this as a group if you can.


Wait until the situation has calmed down and ask the victim if they are ok or need help.


Call Security if you’re at a venue, or report the event to HR or a manager if you’re at work.
Stay objective and provide as much detail as possible.

If things turn violent or abusive

Don't put yourself at risk by intervening in violence – call the police on triple zero (000)

If you are being discriminated against on the basis of your age, ability, gender diversity, sexuality, relationship and reproductive status, race, religion, or culture:

  • Tell someone – ask for the supervisor, team leader or manager and explain the situation
  • Seek help from people around you
  • Remove yourself from the situation so that you remain safe
  • Call a friend or family member for support
  • Make a complaint

We provide many options based on how you want to do it.

Informal complaints:

Formal complaints: