Flick and some girlfriends, all aged 18, were just finishing year 12 and wanted to book a holiday unit at Victor Harbor for "Schoolies Week".

Flick knew of a unit really close to everything because her parents stayed there earlier in the year.

When they rang up the agent, they were told that the unit was free that week, but they would have to pay a $1,000 security bond. Flick knew that her parents did not have to pay any bond to stay for one week.

Could this be discrimination? How?

If the unit owner does not normally require a bond when letting the unit for one week, then requiring a bond just because the occupants are young people could be discrimination.

What should the unit owner do if worried about damage to the unit?

The unit owner can require the same bond from everyone who stays in the unit.

They can also require references from the renters. They do not need to rent to someone who has previously caused damage to a rental property.

They can also take out insurance to cover the risk of damage.

What could Flick do?

Options include:

  • Take their business elsewhere.
  • Challenge the agent with the evidence that her parents were not asked for a bond.
  • Complain to our office.