Here are some ideas for online searching tasks for students (the answers are not contained in the EO4Schools section).

  1. In what year did:
    • Women gain the vote in South Australia?
    • Aboriginal people become entitled to vote in Federal elections?
    • South Australia decriminalize homosexual conduct?
    • Federal Parliament pass age-discrimination laws?
    • South Australia grant legal recognition to same-sex couples?
    • South Australia pass discrimination laws to protect carers?
  2. Who is South Australia’s Minister with responsibility for equal opportunity law? Give the Ministerial portfolio and the person’s name.
  3. Who is the Federal Minister responsible for human rights? Give the Ministerial portfolio and the person’s name.
  4. Name two websites where you can read the South Australian Equal Opportunity Act in full.
  5. Find a ground of discrimination that is covered by Victorian law but not South Australian law.
  6. Find out whether the MP for your local area spoke in Parliament about the amendments to South Australia’s Equal Opportunity Act in 2009.
  7. How many different languages are spoken in Australia today?
  8. What is the average age in South Australia now?
  9. Locate the current Federal Government’s and Federal Opposition’s policy about protecting carers from discrimination.
  10. Find four examples of legal restrictions on free speech (laws that limit what a person or a company can say or publish, either by speaking or writing).