Here are some ideas for interviews that students could conduct.

  1. Interview a person with a disability. How does the disability affect them in their work, in customer service, in dealing with government or other areas of public life? Have they had experiences of stereotyping or stigma?
  2. Interview someone who has migrated to Australia to live. What has helped them to feel at home in Australia and what has got in the way of this? What are the main differences between the way of life in their former country and in Australia? Does the person experience discrimination and, if so, in what ways?
  3. Interview a person older than 70. What do they wish younger people understood about getting older? What annoys them most and what do they like most about getting older? Have they experienced age discrimination and if so, in what ways?
  4. Interview an employer. What do they think about discrimination laws? Do these laws cause them any practical difficulties in running their business? What changes could they suggest to discrimination laws, and why?
  5. Interview someone who has taken part in a social movement to bring about greater equality, such as working for the rights of Aboriginal people, refugees, the elderly or another disadvantaged group. Find out what they did, what motivated them and what they think of the results.