1. If people choose to migrate to Australia to live, should they be expected to change their ways to become more like other Australians? Why or why not? If you think they should be expected to change, what changes should they have to make?
  2. Should a person be able to complain about discrimination on the ground of their religion? Why or why not? Is this any different from discrimination on the ground of age or sex?
  3. Should the law treat an addiction as a disability? What are the pros and cons of doing this, from the point of view of the addicted person? From the point of view of his or her employer?
  4. Is there an Australian culture? What values or beliefs do Australians hold? What might a person arriving from a different culture think about these?
  5. Are men and women equal in Australia today or does either sex still experience discrimination?
  6. Some jobs can make you really unpopular, like being a parking inspector or an AFL umpire. Should the law prohibit discrimination on the ground of a person’s occupation? Why or why not?
  7. At the moment, discrimination on the ground of religion is illegal at work, but not in community life. Should discrimination on the ground of religion be illegal in all areas of public life, e.g. getting served in a shop or being able to rent a flat? Why or why not?
  8. Is age 18 the right age for adulthood? What are the risks in setting the age lower or higher? Are some of the specific age limits too high or too low?
  9. The law requires employers to disregard a person’s criminal record if they can still do the job. Is this right? Should an employer be entitled to think that a person who commits an offence is not going to be a good employee? How might past offences be relevant to a person’s job?