Acting Equal Opportunity Commissioner Emily Strickland today said a review of the State parliamentary workplace would commence immediately, following a motion being carried in the House of Assembly today.

“People working in Parliament House are entitled to an environment that is safe and respectful, and which provides clear procedures to report, investigate and address allegations of inappropriate conduct,”Ms Strickland said.

“The public is also entitled to look to Parliament as an example of a workplace which does not tolerate harassment and which has mechanisms in place to make people accountable for inappropriate behaviour.”

Ms Strickland said she would work to ensure all MPs and staff were given the opportunity to take part in the review.

“I stress that this will not be an investigation of specific incidents; it is a systemic review of the prevalence and handling of harassment in Parliament House as it relates to the attributes protected under the EOC Act,” she said.

“The goal is to deliver recommendations that improve the handling of harassment in that workplace, and better support all staff.

“We will also take all appropriate measures to ensure submissions are kept confidential and that individuals currently working at Parliament House can make anonymous submissions if