Even employers with the best of intentions for a safe and inclusive workplace can be the subject of discrimination complaints to this office.

A word from the Commissioner.

Whether it’s intended or not, there’s no place for discrimination at work, and employers should do all they can to create work environments that are safe and fair for everyone.

This Zero Discrimination Day (1 March), here are my quick tips for employers:

  1. Be informed. Know your obligations when it comes to equal opportunity and have policies in place that your employees and customers know about.
  2. Have a procedure for dealing with internal complaints.
  3. Be fair – across your hiring practices, performance management systems, training and development. Give all employees the tools they need to do their jobs well, where possible.
  4. Consider employees living with disability – are there any reasonable adjustments you can make to support them to do their job well?
  5. Know where to get more information. Our website explains the different types of discrimination, when and where it is against the law and how you can avoid it.

Disability discrimination continues to be a leading cause for complaint to my office. Read our  practice guideline (PDF, 287.6 KB) for more about the benefits of employing people living with disability and anti-discrimination law.

As always, if you are not sure about how best to meet your equal opportunity obligations or want advice, please get in touch.

Jodeen Carney
Commissioner for Equal Opportunity